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 Silent Crusade {Open to all}

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PostSubject: Silent Crusade {Open to all}   Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:30 pm

Blade had simply sat down in the furthest reaches of the forest, concealed within the darkness the trees provided. Thinking that anyone who manages to make it this far may have the potential of realizing his vision; Seventh Heaven. An ideal utopia, built upon the sacrifices of others so that many more may experience the ultimate paradise. Though Blade himself knew that the making of such a thing would be difficult, most would put themselves first before others... thus crumbling the foundation of Seventh Heaven. As he had spent time reflecting the difficulty that would ensue, he had realized that in a way... he was the same. No. It isn't that way, I am doing it for the entire world. He said to himself, shaking away the thoughts that he's being driven by nothing but greed. Though... was he even lying to himself...? He shook his head, as if that would drive away the thoughts he had about himself. He had gotten up and attempted to relocated somewhere less dark, thinking that it might change his negative thinking.

He limped as he walked toward a sun-lit area, having gotten injured by the pokemon he had fought in order to get there originally. The pain had helped him soothe his plagued mind, fire running all throughout his body, reminding him of his purpose. Pokemon simply walked by him, attempting to avoid getting cut up by him. He had proved his dominance over them, thus leaving him by himself. It worked to his advantage, others who grew weary of the travel to this depth of the forest would come to him as a beacon of hope. Though even he isn't sure he could fend off all the pokemon within the forest, he stood there closing his eyes; planning for the worst. His senses grew more aware with his eyes closed, snapped branches and other sounds gave away the location of possible enemies. He would not be caught off guard, he will remain standing proud as he had always done when he had left his group. A leader must act without weakness, thinking with a logical mind...
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PostSubject: Re: Silent Crusade {Open to all}   Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:00 am

Emerald was training in Pecha Forest. Her partner, Amber, didn't like the forest much, so the cubone stayed back in Grassveil. Unlike her partner, Emerald liked the forest to the extent that she went there almost every day, to train and relax. The green snake-like pokemon had ventured deep into the forest, when she noticed a lone pawniard sitting in a somewhat sunlit area. I wonder what they're doing there... Emerald thought as she walked up to the pokemon.
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Silent Crusade {Open to all}
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