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 Hedera the Snivy

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PostSubject: Hedera the Snivy   Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:08 am

Name: Hedera
Species: Snivy, the Grass Snake Pokemon
Pokedex Number: 495
Gender: Female
Rank*: Team Member
Team Name*: Blazing Glory
Ability**: Overgrow (If possible can I have the DW ability Contrary if it is allowed?)
Level***: 45
Moves: Leaf Storm, Attract, Giga Drain, Mirror Coat
History: Hedera was born to a family that had a rather odd lineage. At least in her opinion. She loves her family nonetheless, and always has since she was a baby Snivy. Born and raised in a loving home, she was taught to be the best she could be no matter the odds. She has twin brother, and two loving parents that took very good care of both of them. Overall her home was the average positive environment a young Pokemon should have.

Although regrettably, Hedera had to grow up and leave eventually. Her home was hidden in Shadowhue Forest, considered one of the scariest places to be. But by that time, Hedera knew the woods like the back of her hand. (Leaf.. Arm...Paw?) For her, it was not a problem to navigate through the grass, trees, and bushes of Shadowhue, and the grass snake did so with haste. Her goal was to reach the Guild. Her father had recommended going there if she really didn't have a clue as to where she wanted to be. Unlike her mother and aunts, Hedera had decided not to settle down and continue to live in Pecha Forest with a family. It had been a family trend of course, but she was not the type to commit to a relationship so easily.

So she made her way to the guild. There she met a rather impressive Mienfoo named Oswald and joined his team. Hedera still keeps in contact with her family, sending them mail and the occasional gift on occasion, but she has worked hard since then.

Other: Hedera is quite the flirt, although really she does just it for fun and to get a reaction. You can expect her to flirt even during a dungeon if given the opportunity. She has an everstone she always keeps with her to avoid evolving. Hedera wants to keep her regular arms she has as a Snivy, and thinks evolving would be a nuisance.

Hedera is part of Team Blazing Glory, and hopes her brother will come join her at the Guild.

Hedera has a peculiar Russian esque accent.

Personality: Hedera is a very musical miss. She loves to sing and dance, when nobody is looking of course. She always tries to maintain a calm attitude even in the heat of battle, although with the right words or actions anyone can put this Snivy in a fit of rage. When she gets embarrassed it is blatantly obvious on her face, although it is rare because she covers it up with a comment or a joke and a head turn to the side. Her flirtatious side shows often, perhaps it is a cover up for something she is trying to hide, or perhaps she is trying to make someone jealous... No Pokemon really knows. Hedera can be rather perceptive when it comes to Pokemon acting out of character or just being weird in general, and often questions them on it or just follows them if they are leaving town.


Note: (Wiesel is RPing her brother)
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PostSubject: Re: Hedera the Snivy   Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:32 am

I'd say having the DW ability is fine. Soooo, approved~

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Hedera the Snivy
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