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 Job Bulletin Board

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PostSubject: Job Bulletin Board   Sun Jul 17, 2011 3:02 pm

Job Bulletin Board

Current Updaters: Wiesel


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Bulletin Board Updater

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PostSubject: Re: Job Bulletin Board   Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:51 pm

I want to explore Pricklemist Hill! Let's go through it together!

Client: Miltank
Objective: Escort Miltank through Pricklemist Hill.
Place: Pricklemist Hill
Difficulty: B
Reward: Blast Seed + 350 Poke

I haven't heard from my mom in days, please help me find her!

Client: Pidove
Objective: Escort Pidove to Unfezant
Place: Icicle Woods
Difficulty: A
Reward: 450 poke + Sleep Seed + Apple

Could you deliver a few supplies to me? My team has run out and we can't continue without them.

Client: Luxray
Objective: Find Luxray and deilver 3 Oran Berries
Place: Serene Cave
Difficulty: C
Reward: 250 poke + Power Band

Awww man, I dropped all my Grimey food in Pecha forest, could you bring it all back to me?

Client: Gulpin
Objective: Find and deliver 5 pieces of Grimey food to Gulpin
Place: Pecha Forest
Difficulty: D
Reward: 250 poke

I want to start my exploration of the ocean, but I need to get to Silver River first. Please escort me through the Frozen Stream!

Client: Lanturn
Objective: Escort Lanturn to the bottom of the dungeon
Place: Frozen Stream
Difficulty: B
Reward: 350 poke + Bounce Band

A few days ago, my children were burned by a forest fire and I need Rawst Berries to make sure that they get better!

Client: Vespiquen
Objective: Collect 5 Rawst Berries
Place: Shadowhue Forest
Difficulty: C
Reward: Rollcall Orb + 100 Poke

I want to collect some Graveler Rocks so that I can make a home out of them, but finding them is rather dangerous, so could you please help by collecting a few?

Client: Onix
Objective: Collect 5 Graveler Rocks
Place: Anywhere
Difficulty: C
Reward: 350 Poke
(Note: This quest can be taken multiple times)

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PostSubject: Re: Job Bulletin Board   Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:02 pm

A young Kirlia wandered up to the Bulletin Board. A Guild Member had kindly let her into the building but she still had no idea if she was doing this right.
She looked down at the paper in her pale hands, re-reading it once again. It looked different to most of the other jobs on the board as they were mostly all written by the Guild on request of the clients, whereas she had written hers out herself. The Emotion Pokemon searched for a spare pin, finding one in one of the top corners of the large board.
Raising herself as high as she could on one leg, she reached for the blue-tipped pin. The Kirlia had to make a small jump to properly reach it, but she soon was safely back on the ground with the pin in her hand.
The Kirlia then pinned the job to the board, standing back and trying to judge whether it would be noticeable or not. It certainly looked a lot less professional than the others, especially with her uncertainty of how to judge the difficulty.

Please help me find an Everstone!
I don't wish to evolve but I don't have the strength to go alone...

Client: Serena
Objective: Find an Everstone
Place: Serene Cave
Difficulty: C ... or B i'm not really sure
Reward: 2x Oran Berry + 2x Pecha Berry + Yellow Gummi
Other: We'll need a way to light the cave...

After deciding that there was nothing more she could do, Serena left the Guild to continue her daily activities.


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PostSubject: Re: Job Bulletin Board   

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Job Bulletin Board
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