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 Outlaw Bulletin Board

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Water Blade

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PostSubject: Outlaw Bulletin Board   Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:16 am

Outlaw Bulletin Board

Currant Updater: Wiesel


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Bulletin Board Updater

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PostSubject: Re: Outlaw Bulletin Board   Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:55 pm

This wily Seviper has been trashing our tribe's crops for far too long. Please get rid of him, and be careful of his poisonous attacks!

Client: Zangoose
Objective: Apprehend Seviper
Place: Shadowhue Forest
Difficulty: A
Reward: 1 Sitrus Berry + 550 Poke

This trouble maker needs to be brought to justice, be wary of her dirty tricks, and good luck!

Client: Police Force
Objective: Apprehend Glameow
Place: Pecha Forest
Difficulty: D
Reward: 150 Poke

This Swoobat broke my heart and ran off with all of my Poke! Please catch her, but be careful, she's pretty tough!

Client: Gliscor
Objective: Apprehend Swoobat
Place: Serene Cave
Difficulty: B
Reward: 1 Apple + 1 Oran Berry

Bisharp and his gang have been a pain in our side for far too long! Take them down, but make sure you don't get overwhelmed!

Client: Police Force
Objective: Apprehend Bisharp and his gang of Pawniard
Place: Mt. Frostmeer
Difficulty: S
Reward: 1 Zinc + 1 Reviver Seed + 550 Poke

Help! The cunning Liepard has made off with my money! She's trying to make a getaway through Serene Cave, so please stop her before she gets away! Be wary of her charms and quick attacks!

Client: Eevee
Objective: Apprehend Liepard
Place: Serene Cave
Difficulty: B
Reward: 420 Poke + 1 Chesto Berry

This speedy Yanmega needs to be taken down and captured! Beware, this bug can be pretty powerful when cornered!

Client: Police Force
Objective: Apprehend Yanmega
Place: Pecha Forest
Difficulty: A
Reward: 450 Poke + 1 X-Eye Seed + 1 Power Band

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Outlaw Bulletin Board
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