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 Lauren, Lucifer and Lumina

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PostSubject: Lauren, Lucifer and Lumina   Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:38 pm

Name: Lauren
Species: Emolga
Pokedex Number: #587
Gender: Female
Rank*: Guild Member
Team Name*: Team Byakurai
Ability**: Motor Drive - The Pokémon takes no damage from Electric-type attacks and Speed raises by one level.
Level***: 26
Moves: Electro Ball, Air Slash(Egg Move), Shock Wave, Attract
History: See bottom
Other: Lauren is a rather smart pokemon, despite the fact that she and her teammates can sometimes be a little hyper. She is the unofficial leader of Team Byakurai as she always finalizes the decisions, the others being rather indecisive.


Name: Lucifer
Species: Pikachu
Pokedex Number: #25
Gender: Male
Rank*: Guild Member
Team Name*: Team Byakurai
Ability**: Static
Level***: 26
Moves: Electro Ball, Double Team, Iron Tail(TM), Thundershock
History: See bottom
Other: Lucifer is often called Luci by Lauren and Lumina as a sort of pet name. Though it used to annoy him he now tends to just ignore it. Lucifer is a rather levelheaded pokemon and tends to make sure that the overall hyperness of all three of them don't mess up their jobs.


Name: Lumina
Species: Pachirisu
Pokedex Number: #417
Gender: Female
Rank*: Guild Member
Team Name*: Team Byakurai
Ability**: Volt Absorb
Level***: 26
Moves: Swift, Spark, Quick Attack, Electro Ball
History: See bottom
Other: Lumina, often called Lumi for short tends to be a daydreamer. The slightest things can catch her attention and she could be gone from your sight within seconds. However, Lauren and Lucifer keep her in check, making sure she doesn't wander off and get herself into danger.

These three electric types met each other by chance during a thunderstorm. A lot of electric types had gathered, each discharging the spare energy into the storm rather than creating new ones at a later date. Since the three met, they have become great friends and recently started an Exploration Team together. Individual histories will most likely be built on in the RP and edited into this bio at a later date.

Note: Byakurai means Pale Lightning.


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Lauren, Lucifer and Lumina
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