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 Fratley & Freya

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PostSubject: Fratley & Freya   Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:49 am


Name: Fratley
Species: Gallade
Pokedex Number: 475
Gender: Male
Rank: Guild Member
Team Name: Team Crescent
Ability: Justified - Attack is raised by one stage when the Pokémon is hit by a Dark-type move
Level: 30
Moves: Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Shadow Sneak (Egg Move), Aerial Ace (TM 40)
History: Fratley was born to a Gardevoir mother. He grew up knowing nothing about his father, except that he was a rather rotten Sableye who used and betrayed his mother. He vowed that if he ever met his father, he would bring him into justice for what he did to his mother. In order to do that, he was going to need allies. Of course, he was far too young and weak as a Ralts. When he was old enough to travel on his own, he met up with a lone Meinfoo who was practicing out in the woods. Fratley approached the young fighting type and offered her a sitris berry to help restore her energy. After she accepted it, Fratley asked her if he could train with her.

Over the years, Fratley elvolved into a Kirlia. Freya poked fun at him a bit for looking so 'girly' for a male. During one of their adventures, they came across a shiny stone, which Fratley did not hesitate to use in order to evolve into his final form: a Gallade. Eventually, they decided to become an official team and joined the guild in order to do so. After some debate, they decided to call themselves Team Crescent.
Other: Fratley wears an iron band around each of his upper arms, about a few inches down from his shoulders. They are a gift from Freya.
Theme Song: Unforgettable Face

Name: Freya
Species: Meinfoo
Pokedex Number: 619
Gender: Female
Rank: Guild Member
Team Name: Team Crescent
Ability: Regenerator - Recovers 3% (Rounded up) HP per post.
(Note: Not really sure how Regenerator would work in a MD setting since there's no recalling or switching out)
Level: 30
Moves: Stone Edge (TM 71), Detect, Me First (Egg Move), Force Palm
History: Freya knew nothing of either of her parents. Both had mysteriously vanished while she was just an egg. Ever since she hatched, she had to survive on her own, though she occassionaly was helped by some friendly Pokemon. However, none of them stayed very long. She never once had a real friend. That changed when she was approached by a young Ralts named Fratley. The little POkemon offered her a sitris berry since she was starting to look winded from her intense training. She was surprised when the Ralts asked to train with her, but she agreed. Over time, she grew quite fond of Fratley, though quite often she hid her feelings by poking fun at him. However, when he turned into a Gallade, she began to become shy around him. However, she still retained her adventurous nature. When Fratley suggested that they become a team and join the guild, Freya agreed, seeing it as an opportunity to explore more of the world.
Other: Freya wears a white ribbon around her tail. A gift from Fratley.
Theme Song: Eternal Harvest
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PostSubject: Re: Fratley & Freya   Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:18 pm



As long as Im with you, time will never end ...

They’ve promised us that dreams come true - but forgot that nightmares are dreams too.

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the bad things don't necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.

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Fratley & Freya
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