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 Who's this douchebag?

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PostSubject: Who's this douchebag?   Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:44 pm

>Enter Name
Insufferable Pri-
That's not it!
>Try again

Your name is DICEARM. You have a vareity of INTERESTS. You are a little bit obsessive over an AWESOME WEBCOMIC, which is known as HOMESTUCK. You enjoy ROLEPLAYING, though you are A BIT HARD ON YOURSELF ABOUT DETAILS. You also like to PROGRAM, though your NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. Your favorite book is WATERSHIP DOWN, and you read it MULTIPLE TIMES A YEAR. Despite your OPTOMISTIC ATTITUDE, you have a bad habbit of BEING TOO HARD ON YOURSELF. Generally, you tend to APOLOGIZE ENTIRELY TOO MUCH. You are also OFTEN NERVIOUS FOR NO REASON, and have the occasional SELF-ESTEEM ISSUE. Also, you are VERY GULLIBLE.

What will you do?

......Homestuck-esque introduction aside, 'Ello there, I suppose. -wave-
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PostSubject: Re: Who's this douchebag?   Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:11 pm

Hi! Welcome to the site! I have a friend in really who is obsessed with Homestuck though I personally don't know much about it.
But in any case. Pleased to meet you!


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Who's this douchebag?
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