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 Ciriya - Swellow

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PostSubject: Ciriya - Swellow   Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:05 pm

Name: Ciriya
Species: Swellow
Pokedex Number: 277
Gender: Female
Rank*: Independant Explorer
Ability**: Scrappy - A Ghost type foe can be hurt by Normal Type moves.
Level***: 40
Moves: Aerial Ace, Double Team, Round, Mirror Move
History: None really.
Other: Ciriya is a fairly proud pokemon, like most Swellow. She is an independant explorer and has nothing to do with the guild. She just loves to discover and learn about things. Unfortunately, because she is not affiliated with the guild, she is often blamed for things that go wrong around the area she is exploring.


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Ciriya - Swellow
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