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 Violet the Mienfoo

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PostSubject: Violet the Mienfoo   Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:14 pm

Name: Violet
Species: Mienfoo
Pokedex Number: #619
Gender: Female
Rank*: Ordinary Pokemon
Team Name*: None
Ability**: Regenerator
Level***: 37
Moves: Detect, Swift, Drain Punch, Jump Kick
History: Violet is a Mienfoo who is constantly seeking work whilst she continues to train. Most of the work she gains is only temporary and pays very little, but all she needs is a little poke to buy a meal every day. However, on the days where she doesn't earn enough to buy anything, Violet will happily go foraging in Pecha Forest as Pecha Berries happen to be one of her more favoured foods.
Before she came to Grassveil, Violet lived with her parents, a female Mienshao and a male Lucario. The entire family used to continuously train for hours every day and Violet keeps up this tradition. You can often find her near the pond, trying to perfect her newest move, Jump Kick.
Violet also wishes to learn the move Acrobatics as the move has always intrigued her with the grace in which it can be performed and the incredible damage that can be caused if the move's user is not holding an item. For this though, she needs to save enough money to buy TM62.


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Violet the Mienfoo
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