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 Richard Brightwell's Team

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PostSubject: Richard Brightwell's Team   Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:29 pm

Rick's appearance;

-Pokemon On Hand-
Level 13
Male Squirtle - Pokedex #007
Ability; Torrent
Moveset; Tackle, Bubble, Withdraw, Water Gun

Level 16
Female Vulpix - Pokedex #037
Ability; Flash Fire
Moveset; Ember, Hypnosis(Egg), Hex(Egg), Quick Attack
Runa's name means 'secret'. This is a reference to when Richard first found her. She was only a few weeks old at most but was incredibly malnourished and was covered in small bruises and scratches. Rick knew that his parents disapproved of him keeping his own pokemon at this particular time and so he nursed the Vulpix back to health in secret. Because of this, him and Runa have always seemed to share a rather strong bond.

Level 13
Male Farfetch'd - Pokedex #083
Ability; Keen Eye
Moveset; Aerial Ace, Leaf Blade(Egg), Poison Jab, Mirror Move(Egg)
Much like Runa, Eyal has been a friend and pokemon of Richard's much longer than Jet has. One day when Rick was out searching for some more Oran berries whilst he was nursing Runa back to health, he was attacked by a swarm of Beedrill. Rick was always grateful for the fact that a Farfetch'd had jumped in when he had, protecting him from the sting's of the Beedrill and chasing them away despite the fact that he himself was a weak pokemon back then. Since the incident, that same Farfetch'd had always stayed close to where Runa slept, following Richard from a distance whenever he went to collect berries, just in case anything similar would ever happen. When Rick realized what the Farfetch'd had been doing, he welcomed him into the slowly growing family he seemed to be creating, naming him Eyal, which means 'courage', for his actions on the day they met.

Male Pikachu.


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Richard Brightwell's Team
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