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 A Song Bound in Gold

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PostSubject: A Song Bound in Gold   Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:01 am

In a world that still sits in midevil times there sits two counties side by side. They don't get along, their cultures as different as can be. The one thing they have in common is their fear of the dark arts. One has felt with this fear by outlawing magic. Those born with it, no matter the kind, are killed. The other country fights by training them, but prosecution still exsists, cruel prisons run by those cursed by the dark arts.

There exists five items of power though, these items can turn the war between the counties, each item is more powerful than the last. Each leader is desperate to get his hands on the magic, it is said that even the nonmagical received a few powers when wielding the legendary magic. But there is a catch. The items bond to the first person of the right magic to wield them after the death of the former owner. If the old owner is dead then they can't use it.

So, the life of those with magic depends own who finds them, the life under the Iltaz, who would kill all those born with magic, or the life of the Arisake who would try to punish only those with the dark magiv only. Neither a breath choice but one at least Bette than the other.

The Book:
This is the most powerful of the items, can be used to locate the others. It takes the form of a brown leather bound book with golden letters. Is rumored to be owned by Melody, the greatest sorceress to ever live.

The sword:
In the shape of a long sword, one level below the book, can be wielded by a sorcerer or sorceress. The magic is silver. Can be changed onto a silver ring.

The Necklace:
A simple gold chain with a triangle of three jewels in the center, a Ruby, sapphire , and a jade. The magic is copper. Wields by sorcerer or sorceress.

The dagger:
Black hilt and perfect metal blade. The magic is black and it can be wielded by Witches or worlocks. Is equal to the sword.

The Bow:
The lowest ranking, not much is known except it can be used by anyone. The magic is jade.

They use the dark arts, their magic comes through demons and death. Have very little magic of their own.

male version of witches but are more commonly cursed by witches or possessed by the demons to have gained their powers.

Sorcerer and sorceress :
They are born with their magic, can be very weak to very strong. Hate to be called witches or worlocks. Never use the dark arts or have any chance at becoming a witch or warlock.

Um...more information. As we go....


Witch Worlock sorcerer sorceress or no magic:
Little Bio if desired:
Magic color, without item:
Personality if desire:
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A Song Bound in Gold
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