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 Mercead the Shieldon

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PostSubject: Mercead the Shieldon   Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:28 am

Name: Mercead
Species: Shieldon
Pokedex Number: 410
Gender: Female
Rank*: Rescue team member
Team Name*: Flystone
Ability**: Sturdy
Level***: 12
Moves: Tackle, Protect, Metal sound and Taunt.
History: Mercead was a fossil resurrected in a far off human land. The human who brought her back to life, however, was a power trainer and didn't take kindly to her timid nature. Angry, he threw her Pokeball into the water, hoping it would sink. However, the Pokeball was in it's large form, so it floated. It floated for weeks. Through this all she was conscious and aware of the water around her until she finally drifted into an inlet and was fished up by a guildmember, who let her go. Because of this, after recovering, she made it her mission to help the guild however she could, even if it meant being paired with the obnoxious Horus "Handsome" Hoppip.
Other: Though extremely timid and quiet, the proper antithesis of Handsome, Mercead can be shockingly stubborn, particularly when repaying those she finds she owes. That's part of why she feels so awful about her trainer abandoning her. Due to her harrowing experience, she developed a strong fear of water. Though she's loath to fight anyone, she abjectly refuses to battle water types.
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Mercead the Shieldon
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