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 Got bored so here's some lyrics

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PostSubject: Got bored so here's some lyrics   Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:41 pm

Seether- Country Song
Well I can't stand to look at you now
The revelation's out of my hands
Still I can't bear the thought of you now
This complication's leaving me scared

Stay when you think you want me
Pray when you need advice
Hey keep your sickness off me tryin to get through
Blame all your weakness on me
Shame that I'm so contrite
Hey keep your fingers off me, why can't I get through?

You think you have the best of intentions
I cannot shake of taste of blood in my mouth

(Hey) I keep on thinking that it's
(Hey) all done and all over now (whoa)
You keep on thinking you can save me, save me
(Hey) My ship is sinking but it's
(Hey) all good and I can go down (whoa)
You've got me thinking that the party's all over...

Check out the full song here


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Got bored so here's some lyrics
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