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 Alex the Genin Ninja

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PostSubject: Alex the Genin Ninja   Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:16 am

Name- Alex(short for Alexis)
Appearance- Light Blue wavy and flowing hair that gow to the middle of her back. She has fiery highlights, Tall, single and ready to mingle, tomboy, also fashionable, green eyes, and skinny.
Age- 25
Village- Village of the Sand
History- As a little girl Alex's parents had a buisness of their own. While Alex was at school her parents store was ambushed and her parents were killed. Ever since, she lived with her aunt and uncle. From then on she studied the arts of being a ninja.
Rank- Hockage
Jutsu's- Fire and Electricity. She is now working on water.
Bloodline limit- She is hoping to be the highest rank of a ninja.
Weapons/Tools- Ninja stars, wooden battling stick, a special hand made sword that her Uncle made her,shuriken, ninjato, kunai, weapon summoning scrolls, smoke bombs, and new advanced shinobi tools.
Other- She wears a special battle suit that she made herself for important battles.

Picture coming soon!!!!

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Alex the Genin Ninja
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