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 [W.I.P.]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay: Survivors Guide.

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PostSubject: [W.I.P.]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay: Survivors Guide.   Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:57 am

Welcome! If you are reading this you might have a few questions like "WTF is this?" or "are you ever going to actualy get this done?". these questions and more will be answsered(probobly) when i get it done.

What is the "Pokemon mystery dungeon roleplay: survivor's guide(TM)."?

Simply put, this is a guide compiled of facts and observations of a long time user of this forum. This guide will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to fully enjoy your roleplaying experience. as a bonus, it is written in a comedic fashion and has pro tips that are not common knowledge.

Table of Contents

Chapter one: user interface for dummies.

Chapter 1: User interface for dummies.

When you first log in you may not understand the complexity of the user interface or 'UI' as the kids are calling it these days. the site design may seem foreign, or you may just not understand what some things do. Fear not dummy, for all the information you need is right here!

the top navigation buttons
these buttons are probably the first you want to press repeatedly. Well slow down and learn what they do before you kill us all. ha ha. the buttons are as follows; Forum, Search, Members, Profile, Messages, and log out. that is if you are logged in. if you are logged out then the buttons are as follows; Forum, Search, Members, REGISTER, and Log in. i will be explaining each button in detail.

this button acts like a 'home' button, it will bring you to the main page of the forum. alternetly, you can click the banner to get to 'home' (the big logo with the snivy).
more information on the forum page will be availible in later chapters.

the search button does just what it says, it searches for stuff. when you click it a small window pops up(Pro tip: this will not take you away from your current page). you will see a white rectangle, a 'go' button, and two option buttons for whether you are searching for topics or posts(more information about topics and posts will be availible in later chapters). clicking the advanced search button brings you to a new page, witch will be covered later in the chapter.

this button will bring up a list of members sorted by how recently they have logged on. more info later in the chapter

this will bring you to a page where you can veiw and edit your profile, adding a picture for your avatar or filling in information about yourself. more information later in the chapter.

this button will bring you to your private mesage inbox, from witch you can compose and reply to messeges. if the button is a different color than it means you have mail! more information later

Log out
this button will log you out, so no one can get on the computer and pretend to be you, unless your password is 12345, then everyone will pretend to be you for the lolz.

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PostSubject: Re: [W.I.P.]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay: Survivors Guide.   Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:49 am

Cool tory bro Mareep
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[W.I.P.]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay: Survivors Guide.
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