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 Battle system.

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PostSubject: Battle system.   Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:38 pm

Sup guys, just posting the idea here, I don´t know about your free rps but this is aimed for the Pokémon section, it will be pretty basic, and will use Pokémon attacks of course. I can´t find any original stats from Pokémon games so I guess I’ll have to make em up. I was thinking on something basic as well, the amount of levels your Pokémon has will be the amount of ability points you can add. Example:

My Flareon is lvl 40 that means I have 40 ap points which can be distributed in.

HP: (Every 2 points max HP increases by 1 - base hp is 10)
Attack: (every 5 points your damage increases by 1 point. - base is 1.)
Agility: (every point adds 1% avoid ability)
Defense: (every 5 points the max received dmg will decrease by 1 - base is 0)

So there we go, now if we add elemental resistances and stuff it would become more interesting, you know, following the games rules like fire attacks makes +50% dmg to grass Pokémon’s. So if you where gona hit 5, you’ll hit 7 or 8 or something.

The battles will always be made with a moderator, what does this mean? simple, two people describe what their characters do in the fight, and the moderator reads both posts, makes one post out of it narrating how the stuff happened, technically one of the two posts will be a failure making their characters receive damage until its hp reaches zero.

Now an example of a fight let’s say I´m using my Flareon. Now I have to post a mini bio for the moderator to know the character stats. It would look like this.

Flare (Flareon)
To find pretty animated sprites just type in Google "5th gen Pokémon sprites (Pokémon name)"

Type: Fire
Level: 40
Ability: Guts.
HP: 15
Attack: 5
Agility: 10
Defense: 0


Quick Attack
Fire Spin.

This characters stats distribution would go like this.

HP > 10
Attack > 20
Agility > 10
Defense > 0

The 10 agility gives flare a 10% of evading attacks, this means (In case you know some basic math) Flare can dodge 1 out of every 10 attacks.

Okay now! a little demonstration of how a fight would go with a moderator, I´ll use my two characters as an example.

Meadow (leafeon)

Type: Grass
Level 32
Ability: Leaf Guard
Hp: 13
Attack: 2
Agility: 20
Defense: 10

Sand attack
Razor leaf

His stats are distributed like this:

HP > 7 (needs one more to lvl up HP)
Attack > 0
Agility > 20
Defence > 5

Notice how he has 20% chances of evading (2/10) and 1 defense; this means Flare can make a max of 4 damage to Meadow while not using a fire attack. Its unbalanced but its obvious because of the level and element.

Meadow was walking all happily around the forest like the total evil leafeon he is singing some random metal song with a high voice, until he saw a Flareon on the other side of the place, ran towards him and threaten him –Heya there newb! Give me your muneys!” He said with muahah face, else I´ll have to kick your butt with my epicness.

Flare was following crickets as always trying to find his future and stuff, when he heard some metal singing around, it was an awful sound, suddenly a leafeon jumped out of the bushes and asked him to give him his money. –No waaaaay man! I worked hard for this stuff! Get a job you hobo!- He said getting in an epic battle pose.

(posts character stats)

You asked for it you red thing that looks kinda like me!
(posts stats)
Leafeon suddenly jumped right ahead to Flare using “Tackle” really fast, so fast that not even your grandma could evade. He hit Flare right on his side, the hit wasn’t that strong considering his weight compared to Flare, but he was obviously owning him so far.

Flare didn’t saw it coming, he tried to dodge the leafeons attack but it was too fast for him, but he was so strong that he barely felt it cuz he’s awesome and stuff. –Hey! What’s the big idea you moron?!-
Flare prepared to attack with fire spin, he was really pissed.

Meadow had jumped right into battle without Flare even seeing it coming.

Flare tried to evade (If the dice rolls 1 Flare will evade)

Dice roll: Result
3 (Avg: 3.0)

lare was no match for Meadows agility but his weight made it hard for Meadow to land a perfect blow.

Meadow inflicted 1 damage to Flare > Flare has 14 HP points left.

Flare gave a few steps back and with a bit of pain he said –Hey! What´s the big idea you moron?!- as he prepared to launch an attack which could be devastating for a grass type Pokémon!

He quickly was back on his four feet and saw the flearon getting ready to throw a fire attack, -Oh man this is bad!- he said while backing away, as fast as a little coward rat he climbed up a tree to make it hard to Flare to hit him, he would have more chances of dodging from a distance, when he saw the attack coming he made a big jump to evade.

Flare unleashed “Fire spin” throwing it in Meadows direction, it was how and the fire was everywhere, Flare was sure he wasn’t gona miss!


Meadow after realizing his foes next move he climbed up a three with the hope of having more chances of dodging, meanwhile Flare was charging his fire attack he unleashed it with strength making the whole area fill as hot as a volcano, the Fire spin move was just about to reach Meadow when he made a big jump to evade.

Meadow tried to evade. +10% avoid ability by using the surroundings. ((If the dice rolls 1, 2 or 3 Meadow will evade)

Dice roll: Result
6 (Avg: 6.0)

Meadows jump was in vain, the fire had reached him burning him out making a crazy amount of damage, he lost balance after getting hit falling into the grass while in pain.

Fire vs Grass bonus > +50% dmg. Meadows defence -1dmg.

Flare inflicted 6 damage to Meadow. > Meadow has 7 HP points left.

And so on and on, looks fun don’t you think? It’s all about chances, levels, and 10 sides dice…

Tell me what you think, and if you have a suggestion don’t hesitate to post it here! 

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PostSubject: Re: Battle system.   Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:48 pm

It seems like an efficient way to battle; Yes. But the way I prefer to RP depends entirely on the freedom of the people who are roleplaying. If they have a plotline in mind for their character and the battle is what initiates that plot, the moderator's decisions might wreck that entirely. I guess you could always consult with the mod to ask them to do things such and such a way, but it's much more complicated.

Also. By using this method, It would take up a lot of other Moderators time and the people roleplaying the battle in the first place would constantly have the inconvenience of having to wait for a moderator to get online to determine the results of that turn of the battle.

So yes. Once again I think it's a great idea, but just not suited to this site.
Thanks for the suggestion though :3


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Battle system.
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