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 The stealth Force Dugtrio

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PostSubject: The stealth Force Dugtrio   Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:03 am

The Stealth Force




Exploration Team Member

Silver Fang

Arena Trap

Level 26

Moves: 1Tri attack 2Night slash 3Magnitude 4Bulldoze

History The stealth force was once one little diglett named Bill who was always hiding in his den away from the dangers of pokemon life. He would leave his den at times to look for rocks and whatever digletts eat if anything at all. He once had an encounter with a horde of bellsprouts while looks for smoot rocks to place in his den. With the help of three other digletts fought them all off which gained bill(and the other two digletts) enough exp to evolve by combining the three digletts into dugtrio. From that day on Bill and the other two call themselves the stealth force by the speed in which they travel and are able to hide underground. Ever since then they have had a good general knowledge of the pokemon world.

other: The dugtrio's individual names are Bill Will and Walter
Bill is timid and quite
Will is serious and quite
Walter is quite and likes calling anyone he thinks is below him FOOL which in his opinion is everyone execpt himself.

'Serene Little Rose'

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PostSubject: Re: The stealth Force Dugtrio   Mon Jun 18, 2012 5:49 pm

Please re-read the rules to see what you have missed.


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The stealth Force Dugtrio
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