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 Azura the Floatzel

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PostSubject: Azura the Floatzel   Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:31 am

Name: Azura
Species: Floatzel
Pokedex Number: 419
Gender: Female
Rank*: Shopkeeper
Team Name*: None
Ability**: Water Veil
Level***: 40
Moves: Crunch, Razor Wind, Agility, and Aqua Tail
History: Azura inherited the shop she owns from her father though she always has thoughts on being a bad shopkeeper she does her best by helping anyone who stops by.
Other: The shop is a Link shop were you can link abilitys together, it's free if you're in a exploration team and have a badge as proof and it costs 100 Poké if you have no sign of proof. And since the shop has no offical name if a customer has an idea they can tell Azura and she'll make note of it. Once she reaches 25 shop names she'll pull one without looking and that'll be the name.
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Azura the Floatzel
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