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 Drake Graco VS Sayuri Plum

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PostSubject: Drake Graco VS Sayuri Plum   Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:22 pm

Now, it was her turn. Sayuri seemed to have a bit more confidence in herself than usual. With a quick point of her finger she summoned Hikari, her mienfoo, to the battle field. For once in her life she was focused and ready to fight back at anything that her opponent threw at her. It gave her a weird, unfamiliar feeling in her gut, but she liked it. Hikari also seemed to be a little more energetic today. In fact, Sayuri's whole team whole team did. The rush of a batltle was an amazing thing and the young trainer knew she had to defeat Drake.



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PostSubject: Re: Drake Graco VS Sayuri Plum   Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:44 pm

Drake ran a hand threw his scraggly black hair as he left the tunnel leading out to the battle field. He yawned as he took his place and waved out to the many people watching their battle the crowd became relatively loud as he did cheering and hooting and hollering. " A rowdy bunch arn't they?" He asked his opponent with a smile. His hand went fell to his pouch on his belt he rummaged threw it thinking of which pokemon to use. he only had three choices after all Flamey would be to nervous he'd save her for last when she's be upset about her friends.

he laughed how he was over thinking a three choice question when he had been in 6 pokemon battle tournaments for most of his career as a trainer. " Alright Rocky you can havew this one!" He decided and tossed his bagon out the poke ball opened and in a flash of white Rocky came out he started shouting out and making rude gestures at the mienfoo " Now Rocky be polite." Drake scolded.
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Drake Graco VS Sayuri Plum
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