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 Spiraea's Pendulum

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PostSubject: Spiraea's Pendulum   Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:11 pm

- Chapter 1 -
Cheerful birdsong filled the crisp morning air as the sun's bright rays appeared on the horizon. A flash of red pelt crept through the undergrowth, her target within her sights as the night relenquished it's grip on the world. Closer and closer she crept, the bird seemingly oblivious to her movements. She tensed, preparing for the final leap. Another soft pawstep forward and she pounced, her lithe form pinning the bluejay to the ground. Just as she was about to land the killing blow, the bird turned it's head towards her.
"RUFINA!" he yelled flapping his wings in an attempt to free himself.
The fox blinked, immediately releasing her catch.
"Oh my gosh, Azzie! I'm so sorry."
The bluejay quickly hopped back up onto his feet, ruffling his blue feathers as he regained his composure.
"Don't scare me like that...."
"I'm sorry," repeated Rufina, sitting down. Her pale green eyes found a convenient pebble to study on the forest floor.
Azzie sighed, "It's fine. Just be more careful next time."
Rufina smiled, her ears perking up and her green gaze re-focusing on her friend. Her jaws parted to say something else, but all of a sudden she heard a rustle coming from nearby. Both Rufina and Azzie turned to look in the general direction of the sound, then back at each other.
"What was that?" asked Azzie.
Rufina grinned, "It sounds like I might get lunch after all!"

Rufina quickly jumped back to her feet, her lithe red form darting towards the rustle in silence. Azzie wasn't far behind, fluttering after his friend.
The fox slowly came to a stop just outside of a clearing in the forest having not found the mouse or vole she haad expected. She blinked at the sight before her, her head tilting slightly to the side. Azzie gently landed on the ground next Rufina, looking up at her as she analysed the sight before them.
"What is it?" he asked.
"I have no idea..." she repeated, her green eyes scanning the odd creature in the middle of the open space, hoping to learn something about it before she got any closer.

In the exact centre of the clearing lay a creature with no fur, feathers or scales. It was tail-less and wrapped in some form of material that was foreign to both Azzie and Rufina. The curious young fox took a few tentative steps towards the sleeping creature. It had a long, slender body and yet another form of material covering it's back feet. It stirred, gently moving from its curled up position. Rufina froze at the movement, stepping back a few paces in surprise. She hadn't expected the unusual entity in front of to be such a light sleeper. The creature sat up and looked around, blinking as if it was unsure of where it was.

"Hello?" Rufina's voice broke the silence.
The being in front of them stared at the fox with wide, disbelieving eyes, "H-how...?"

The young fox was just as, if not more confused than the entity before her. What on earth was it so surprised about?
"I'm Rufina..." she began, deciding to try and make friendly conversation rather than just standing in silence as the fur-less creature stared.
"This is Azure," Rufina smiled, flicking her tail towards the bluejay who immediately hopped forwards, his wings partially outstretched.
"Azzie actually," he replied, furling his wings once more and ruffling his feathers in annoyance. He much preferred this nickname to his given name.

"B-but..." The unusual being stuttered, struggling to form words to describe what was going through her mind.
"Animals don't... talk."


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Spiraea's Pendulum
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