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 Nemo the Pikachu

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PostSubject: Nemo the Pikachu   Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:25 am

Name: Nemo
Species: Pikachu
Pokedex Number: #25
Gender: Male
Rank*: Exploration Team Member
Team Name*: Don't have a team yet
Ability**: Static
Moves:Iron tail, Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, and Thunder Wave
History: A traveling bard ever since a young age, Nemo is generally considered a child at heart. He finds amusement in little things and doesn't understand a lot of "grown up" Pokemon things and ideas. He is blissfully unaware of many things and lacks common sense. But he has a childish ambition to become stronger and to be a hero, and will do anything to fulfill that dream.

Nemo has a long and confusing past, he doesn't even truly understand it. Part of it was wiped from his memory, but along the way he gained it back. He once met a group of Pokemon on his travels and lived with them for a while. He fell in love with a Riolu, but... That is a long story to explain that Nemo doesn't feel like going into. But after it his heart sank and he lost grasp of the childlike innocence he once had. He wandered away one night only bringing his flute, said he would walk until his body dropped. As he walked he began to sort out the issues in his mind, and has somewhat returned to the childish state he was in beforehand. After days of traveling, his walking lead him here.
Other: Nemo has been in other roleplays, which is where his past comes from. I don't want to explain it all now, you will see his past unfold and him develop eventually.

Serene little rose.
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Nemo the Pikachu
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