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 Astrid the Dratini

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PostSubject: Astrid the Dratini   Thu Aug 02, 2012 3:51 am

Name: Astrid
Species: Dratini
Pokedex Number: 302
Gender: Male
Rank:Exploration Team Leader
Team Name: Team Star watchers
Ability: Marval Scale
Level: 20
Moves:Wrap, Thunder Wave, Twister, Dragon Rage
History: Dratini was a happy little creature, slipping along with his brother, Orthack. He would always stay out at night, watching the stars. He always like to go out and adventure. One day, he ventured to far from home. Astrid couldn't find his way back. After days of searching, he came upon a small family of the piplup evolutions. They helped Astrid learn to fight and scavage. After a month, the father told the dratini of teams who went around exploring and saving other pokemon. That night, Dratini snuck out.

He travled for a few hours before reaching a small town, he soon located the exploration center. He was a few feet away when he was attacked. A rampaging Combuston slashed him. Crying, he made his way into the exploration center before collapsing on the floor. He awoke, healed. The first thing Astrid asked was to make a team, called Star watchers. He wanted pokemon who also watched the stars.
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Astrid the Dratini
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