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 The Random Tale of EPICNESS!

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PostSubject: The Random Tale of EPICNESS!   Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:11 pm

Chapter 1- I Will Never Forget...

"The blood........ Oh Arceus there's so much blood...... He's stopped breathing....... Is he......... Is he..........?!"

I slumped to my knees, unable to avert my eyes from the scene that had just played out before me. About three yards ahead, one of my best friends, Wolfgang Herris, lay in a pool of his own blood; his unseeing eyes staring eternally upwards, into the sky. Looming over him stood my other best friend, Zash On Fire, with his katana drawn and a shadow covering most of his face. 

My mind refused to comprehend the situation before me. Dark clouds, much like the ones in my mind and heart, began to fill the sky above us. I desperately prayed that this was some sort of screwed up prank that my two friends had thought up to scare me, the only girl in our little trio, but that wasn't the case. Tears began to form in my eyes and roll down my face, successfully blurring my vision further. I kept trying to deny the truth, but I was finally coming to the point where I could no longer prove to myself that this was a joke. Wolf was no longer moving, and Zash...... he was smiling. 

Zash had just murdered our closest friend, and he was smiling.

My breathing became unsteady and my thoughts became frantic. "ZASH, WHY?!? Why did you....... How could you.......?!?" I cried out. I knew very well that Zash and Wolf didn't always get along very well, but neither of than would even think of resorting to killing the other! Especially not Zash......!

As I was thinking about all of this, Zash slowly began to lift his head and to look at me. His eyes were filled with the look of utter psychoticness, and when he locked gazes with me his twisted grin grew even wider. I found myself unable to shift my focus; his eyes had a sort of paralyzing hold on my entire being. I was unable to look away, nor was I able to even move. I was trapped, and there was a very strong possibility that my life was also in danger.

Zash raised his slowly blade and pointed it at the space between my eyes. "It slipped," he snarled, "so you better started running before it slips on you, too." His tone of voice told me he wasn't joking around, yet I still just couldn't accept this. Wolf and Zash had been my two closest friends since we were tiny. Where I didn't have any family who cared about me, I had them. Where I had no support, they stuck by me. There was no way in hell that Zash was just going to up and kill Wolf and myself over an arguement, even if Wolf had insulted Zash's pride. Right then and there, I knew I had to do something; the first thing being that I had to fix Wolf, and there was only one way to do that.

I had to break the laws of Alchemy and attempt a human transmutation to bring him back.

I knew the consequences of attempting this crime, yet I couldn't leave Wolf like he was; not even in a million years' time. All my thoughts immediately shifted towards Wolf, and I glanced quickly at his lifeless body; trying to decide on the best way of going about doing this. The first obstacle: getting around Zash.

Zash had obviously seen me glance at Wolf, as he smirked and began to laugh. I felt assured that he was unaware of my intentions, as he was not an Alchemist like I was. "You really are useless without him, you know?" he snorted. His words stung, but I ignored them as I had to focus totally on bringing Wolf back. I sighed impatiently and bid him move in my mind so that I could get to Wolf and begin the transmutation. Right then and there, as if he had subconsciously heard me, Zash brandished his blade and smirked, "I guess I oughta send you to him; so that you won't be so useless anymore." and with that, he charged.

I don't think he was expecting me to dodge like I did, because as I rolled out of the way he seemed fairly stunned. His blade only just barely missed lodging itself into my brain, but it did manage to slice into my left shoulder. I didn't even care at this point; I just toughed out the pain and made a mad dash straight for Wolf. I took the liberty of whistling for my trusted partner, Zepher the shiny Rayquaza, while Zash was regaining his focus. Zepher immediately responded and dropped from the heavens where she had been lurking with a roar and and Ice Beam to try and distract Zash from my little plot. The distraction was successful in attracting Zash's rage, and he began to attempt to fend Zepher off. While they struggled to best one another in combat, I began drawing a circle around Wolf and the pool of blood he was laying in with the blood that was coming from the wound in my shoulder. I had to make absolutely certain that I encompassed everything so that I could return his body to its original state. Once I had made certain that everything was in order, I clapped my hands together and began circulating Alchemical energy throughout my entire body. I took one last, deep breath; asking myself if I had any regrets about opening the gate and possibly putting my life in extreme danger. Finding that I had none, I knelt down and touched the circle I had drawn; releasing all the energy I had stored within myself into the circle.

All at once, the ground below me erupted into a huge circular transmutation formula, with the circle I had drawn around Wolf in the dead center. I saw Wolf's body and all the blood around him begin to be broken down by the alchemic reaction, and then I myself began to break down. A huge dome of light closed over the center of the circle, where Wolf and I were, and then everything around me went completely white. I felt my soul being dragged away, although my destination was not unclear to me. I was heading towards The Gate; the place where human souls were taken after death. As long as Wolf's soul wasn't too far into the Gate, I still had a chance of dragging him back out. Holding that hope firm inside of my conscience, I allowed myself to be whisked to the Gate; all the while praying that I would succeed where all other Alchemists before me had failed. I had one chance to bring Wolf back, and I wasn't about to let it go to waste. 


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The Random Tale of EPICNESS!
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