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 Rowan and Dyami

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PostSubject: Rowan and Dyami   Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:18 pm

Name: Rowan~Dyami
Pokedex Number:628~627
Rowan's Rank: Feather Cafe Owner/Cafe Cook
Dyami's Rank: Feather Cafe Waiter
Ability:Keen Eye~Keen Eye
Rowan's Moves: Crush Claw, Aerial Ace, Protect, Round
Dyami's Moves: Shadow Claw, Air Slash, Rest, Round
History: Rowan and his daughter, Dyami came to Grassveil and spend many a moon creating their cafe in the ancient tree. Once it was finally opened, they were delighted with the reception and have had good business since.
The cafe has three layers, with a curling staircase leading to each one. The first two layers are used for the cafe, whereas the top layer is where the cooking and preperation is done. The middle layer is where people can come to eat peacefully. The bottom layer, which doubles up as the entrance area, is often used by exploration teams to chat or pass the time.

Right... if you image the inside of a giant tree, carved out. leaving a thick layer between the inside of the cafe and the outside. The staircase curls with the tree as it goes up. The front doors lead to the first and bottom layer. The other two layers have a few window type things but yea. On the first layer theres lots of space, because of what its used for. The second layer has alot more tables, and the tables and chairs all feel more.. posh you could say XD And as i said before the third layer is where cooking and preperation takes place.

Theres also a small acrea on the top layer where Rowan and Dyami sleep.

If anyone wants to try and draw a diagram of it, feel free, cuz i fail at drawing it XD

Oh and its near the edge of Grassveil because there wouldnt be a massive tree near the centre XD

Laurel the Tsutarja

Also, I am aware that you cant get a female Rufflet, but just go along with it, since i hate vullaby and mandibuzz D:<


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Rowan and Dyami
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