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 Feather Cafe Menu

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PostSubject: Feather Cafe Menu   Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:11 pm

Feather Cafe

Spring Water - Free!
Just plain spring water

Peach Water - 20poke
Spring water, flavoured with peach

Berry Juice - 20poke
Fresh squeezed juice from a berry of your choice.

Berry Fizz - 50poke
A fizzy drink, popular with young pokemon. Made from the juice of multiple berries.

Milkshake - 40poke
Fresh Milkshake, flavoured with the berry of gummi of your choice.

Coffee - 40poke
Made from seeds harvested from the coffee plant, mixed with hot water and miltank milk

Sweet Coffee - 40poke
Coffee mixed with vanilla extract

Treeshroud Tea - 40poke
Tea made from the leaves of Treeshroud Forest. A distant land.

Apple Juice - 20poke
Juiced, ripe apples. Great for relaxing!

Assorted Berries - 10poke per berry
Choose from some common, or exotic berries. Mix and match to make your perfect snack.

Steamed Berries - 10poke per berry
Various Berries of customer's choice, steamed for a more tangy taste.

Grilled Berries - 10poke per berry
Berries chosen by the customer, grilled to perfection.

Spiced Berries - 10poke per berry
A plate of berries of your choice, seasoned with various spices.

Chilled Berries - 10poke per berry
A plate of berries of your choice, the fresh flavour is preserved by the cold.

Simple Salad - 50poke
A simple salad made of lettuce and small, not well known berries.

Powdered Berries - 60poke
A mixture of chopped berries sprinkled with a sweet powder-like substance

Vanilla Cake - 60poke
A slice of delicious vanilla cake, with a sweet layer of Pecha sauce in the middle.

Apple Pie - 80poke
A simple pie made from fresh apples. Baked to perfection

Berrylicious Pie - 100poke
A delicious pie baked with many different berries. It has a wonderful taste.

Gummi Ice-Cream - 55poke
A scoop of creamy but rich ice cream, flavoured with a Gummi of your choice.

~Served Evening till Midnight Only~
Honey Wine - 150poke
A fermented mixture of honey and water. An alcoholic drink. Spices can be added at customers request.

[I will continue to edit]


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Feather Cafe Menu
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