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 Competition! - DragonCats Site

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PostSubject: Competition! - DragonCats Site   Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:15 am

Well, since i cant physically get the motivation to draw a DragonCat n the computer, and I dont have a scanner to get my pencil drawings on here, I'm making a competition, to create the Banner and Forum Icons for the new site. Each is a seperate competiton and has seperate conditions. Please read each one if you wish to enter.

~Banner Competition~
*Must have a DragonCat on it
*Must have the word 'DragonCats' or 'Welcome to the Land of the DragonCats' (Your Choice)
*Could have a Togarine on it. (I imagine the Togarine to look like this. If you need to know their colouring, theres a paragraph about them in the DragonCats rp topic in the free rp)
*The banner should be about the size of the banner for this site which is 800px × 300px

None so far xD


~Forum Icons Competition~
*Should be fairly small.. about 60px x 60px
*Must have either a DragonCat, or a Togarine on them
*Must be a set of three. One for New Posts, one for No New Posts, and one for Locked Forums
*Dont have to have any writing on them.

None so far.

Well I hope to see people entering.. xD
The drawings can be pencil or digital. Digital is preferred, but i can always make the pencil ones digital XD
Obviously the winners entries will be used on the new site... but i'll give you credit. :3


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Competition! - DragonCats Site
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