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PostSubject: Kageyoshi-Leafeon   Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:37 pm

Name: Kageyoshi

Species: Leafeon

Pokedex Number: 470

Gender: male

Rank*: Loner soon to be New Explorer

Ability**: Leaf Guard

Level***: 29

Moves: Takle, Razer Leaf, Quick Attack, and Syntheisis

History: Kageyoshi was once an energetic little Eevee wanting to be the best he could be. One day he meet a Glaceon named Glacea. The two of the were incepreble but one day they were attacked by a gang of Breloom. they were picking on Kageyoshi Glacia tried to defend him by attacking the Breloom but they were to strong for her. One of the Breloom managed to use Mach Punch on Kageyoshi and he was slamed into a mossy rock, and got knocked out. When he came to the Breloom were gone and he saw Glacia's body on the forest floor, motionless. He went to her and gave her a gental nudge, she didn't move. He cried out for her to come back.
The next morning he left her body and went to go find the Breloom that did this to his friend. After a while he went to get some water when he saw his reflection he noticed that he was a Leafeon.
He was once in the ranks of Kami and left for reasons unknown

Other: Kageyoshi has a cold tounge and cold personality but a warm heat and will do anything to help his friends even if he has to go against the rules. His main goal in life is to get revenge on the Breloom that killed his Friend Glacia. His Exploration team name is "Team Midori" Midori means Grass.

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PostSubject: Re: Kageyoshi-Leafeon   Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:39 pm

approved :3
Interesting character I'll probably add later.


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