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 Laurel and ??????????'s Room

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PostSubject: Laurel and ??????????'s Room   Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:54 pm

Laurel plodded into her room that she was to live in until she graduated from the guild, and sat down on the soft mossy bed. She threw the practically empty treasure bag at a rock that jutted out from the rest of the wall. The strap that enabled her to wear the bag, got caught around the rock and it hung there as if the rock had been deliberately placed there for that certain purpose.
Laurel sighed and lay down, wondering weather she would ever get someone to share the room with. Maybe another new friend to spend time doing guild chores and jobs with.
She sat back up and grabbed a red book from the table. It had golden patterns inscribed on both the front and back cover. She opened it and began to browse through her diary entries until she came to an empty page. the Snivy stood up and sat at the small desk on the other side of the room. She picked up a pale blue Swanna feather and opened the desk draw to find her bottle of ink. She placed it on the table, and cautiously dipped the feather into it, then began writing. She wrote about the events of that day, and how much she was enjoying training at the guild with so many other pokemon. She also wrote about her thoughts from earlier. When she had finished, she tucked the quill and ink back into the draw and closed the diary, leaving it on the desk.

[Btw i actually have a book like that, i thought it would be perfect for Laurel's diary so i found a picture of it by searching the company mentioned on the inside of the cover XDD]


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Laurel and ??????????'s Room
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