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 Faye the Meganium

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PostSubject: Faye the Meganium   Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:55 pm

Name: Faye
Species: Meganium
Pokedex Number: #154
Gender: Female
Rank: Former Guildmaster / Explorer - Team Nettlewing
Ability: Leaf Guard
Level: 85
Moves: Grasswhistle, Leaf Storm, Magical Leaf, Vine Whip
History: Faye was Guildmaster before Sapphire Gold. She was loved by many, and alot of pokemon tried to stop her from leaving Grassveil to go exploring. Three years later, she has returned, and The Exploration Team Federation offered her the job as Guildmaster, again. Unfortunately, she declined and the position went to Keyami.

Faye is a fun-loving, kind Meganium who loves making new friends. As a former Guildmaster, she organised many events and expeditions, and helped many rookie teams grow enough to graduate. After three years of exploring alone, she returned with more experience, but is the same fun-loving character that was popular with those in Grassveil.

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Faye the Meganium
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