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 Berry, berry, berry, chingling?

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PostSubject: Berry, berry, berry, chingling?   Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:06 pm

Sploosh! The berries were ruined.

Wisp had been going along her usual trail, picking berries. But only the finest were good enough to be placed in her basket. She was accompanied by Honey, who looked nervous as usual. It hadn't been too long before they stumbled upon the pond. Unfortunately, Isp hadn't been paying attention, and fell in. She chucked the basket, berries and all to Honey hoping she would catch it. Apparently, Honey hadn't been paying much attention, and the berries were soon scattered all over.
"Idiot!" Wisp shouted, still sitting in the pond."All of my work, ruined!"

Honey was a little hurt by that last comment, including the fact the she too had been helping with he berries. Hastily, she began to pick up he berries, one by one. Eventually, the berries piled up in the basket, bruised by the impact to the floor. Honey had come to one lat berry, though the surface was smooth, and hard.Smooth? Hard? She looked down to see that the object was yellow.Yellow? Now, she was confused.



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Berry, berry, berry, chingling?
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