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 Princess the Cinccino

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PostSubject: Princess the Cinccino   Mon Sep 05, 2011 5:50 pm

Name: Princess
Species: Cinccino
Pokedex Number: 573
Gender: Female
Rank: Outlaw
Ability: Skill Link
Level: 75
Moves: Bullet Seed, Rock Blast, Tail Slap, and Slam

Born into an aristocratic family, Princess eagerly took up the trades of her parents. As a Minccino, she learned how to steal, lie with a straight face, and use her charm to her advantage. Having took up the guise as an independent exploration team member like her parents before her did, the Cinccino lied and plotted every moment during her career until she was discovered and a wanted poster was created.

After stealing someone's treasure, which undoubtedly caused her to evolve into her current form, Princess took her training to different extremes. She became one of the most accurate Pokemon in the region, constantly sniping people with bullet seed and rock blast from afar. Coupled with her accuracy was an amazing speed. She remained in hiding and picked Pokemon off from afar.

However, Princess has rarely been seen since her warrant for arrest was created. Even though she's a wanted criminal, she'll often wear disguises and walk straight into places. One of her tell-tale signs that she's an aristocrat is her prissiness. She won't do anything without a good reason and she complains even when doing that.

Princess has made a name for herself over the years. A teenager at the moment, she is often called "The Clean Sniper", as a reference to her accuracy and Cinccino cleanliness. No one knows where she lives, but it's believed she has a fortress located in one of the large trees of Shadowhue Forest.

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PostSubject: Re: Princess the Cinccino   

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Princess the Cinccino
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