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 Nameru the Baker

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PostSubject: Nameru the Baker   Mon Sep 05, 2011 9:30 pm

Name: Nameru (lol it means lick)
Species: Lickilicky
Pokedex Number:463
Gender: male
Rank*:Head Baker at Nameru's Bakery
Ability**: Oblivious
Level***: 58
Moves: Chip Away, Power Whip, Rain dance, Thunder
History: Nameru was once a powerful explorer but found that that wasn't the right path for him. He instead decided to follow his dreams with the help of his friend Spinnel, the two of them opening 'Spinnels Sweets and Nameru Bakery' Nameru often goes to his friend for financial advice and also friendly advice, a very worrisome pokemon a heart he often needs a little help.
Other: often gives away free bakery items to the needy
Laurel the Tsutarja

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Nameru the Baker
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