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 has no name yet[ any ideas]

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PostSubject: has no name yet[ any ideas]   Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:37 pm

Lance heard the roar of the crowd as he swooped his net into the other fighter's feet. He fell like Lance knew he would and Lance raised his Trident and had it hovering inches above the guy's neck. Lance looked to the Emperor.
The Emperor pended his choice. But Lance knew he would say thumbs down it was the only choice he would make when Lance fought. If he made any other then he would have a problem.
The Emperor gave the thumbs down. lance shot his spear forward and the crowd roared. Same old same old. Lance removed his helmet and walked out to his quarters. His fans liked it that way no crowd pleasing no waving Lance was strict to his fame he would not change anything now.
" Lance Lance great fight again I am gonna miss you when your gone." His manager Showdy.
" Please I just need freedom not your tricks." Lance hated himself for ever getting himself into this mess." I only have two more so when that time is up I don't want to see your face again."
" That hurts Lance it really does." Showdy in his expensive purple suit held a hand to his darkly tanned face." Oh forgot." He said looking at the notes he had written on his hand." You need to have a meal with the Emperor to celebrate how you can leave soon and all that jazz."
Lance's face was a pure image of fury." No I reuse tell that man he can shove his dinner up his[ insert curse here]"Lance walked to his quarters.
Lance placed his helmet on the night stand and looked to his room. It wasn't fancy he didn't like being a fighter here even thou he was the most famous claimed by many magazines. His room had a bed a nightstand and a dresser no windows no tv no telephone not anything technolagical. He saw the calender year four of the first Emperor.
Lance sighed. It would never be the same. The Emperpor had taken everything from this country. Lance remembered his daughter may her soul rest forever with the new gods. Lance wished he could pray to Zues. He had believed in greek mythology but he no longer did. The Emperor had taken freedom of belief along with rights so Lance had all butgiven up on worshipping gods but his daughter Klea had only had those to believe in and now she was dead and Lance had no hope to save her his wife Sarah had left him when Klea was one.
Lance opened the dresser and grabbed his pendant with her picture in it.
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has no name yet[ any ideas]
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