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 ded's present so far

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PostSubject: ded's present so far   Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:18 pm

What goes on outside the chat.

Zashonfire was sat on the edge of a delivered piece of wrecked earth. The roads and cities were covered with sand and the world was one big dust ball. Zash put his hand above his eyes to block out the sun.” That way the right way?” He pointed to the west.
Dediles held out the map. He was seriously questioning Zash’s sense of direction.” Dude I told you like 10 minutes ago we head east.” Ded pointed in the other direction.
“Well dang.” Zash frowned he hated not having his glasses it made everything harder to see and if he couldn’t see it he had a hard time remembering. He jumped off the leveled ground to more one piece ground. Zash’s katana bounced up and down on his belt. He readjusted the sheath.
Ded landed soundlessly next to him and his twin katana seemed to glow with a weird but when you looked again the light was gone. He walked on as Zash fumbled around with his sword. Ded looked back.” Are you sure you would be best with a sword?” He asked.
“I’ll be fine you have two.” He shot back fixing the sheath. They walked on for a little way. “Ded do we have any water left?” Zash asked.
“You don’t need water that’s why you’re here, Zash.” Ded’s voice was controlled tolerable. “Remember the big Push humans evolved beyond the need of water. Any of this ring a bell?” Ded was losing patience with Zash. The first two days of the Barren World had been horrible with Zash. He had whined to stop every few seconds and needed a drink even more often till he got used to the lack of water and the fact his body didn’t need it anymore.
Zash got the message. He sighed and used his thumb to flick the first inch of the blade poke out of the sheath then he pushed it back. He repeated this to keep himself doing something he had not had anything fun happen in months. “Sand Creeper.” Zash yawned.
Ded drew his sword swiftly and as the Sand Creeper’s ant eater like tongue shot out Ded lobbed off the tip. It flew high into the air in high arc came down in front of Zash. Zash kicked it as it fell so it would end of about eye level right in front of his face. As it did he grabbed it and looked at the lopped off end. It didn’t bleed the tongue didn’t wiggle or jitter it has died basically the when the sword cut threw it the blood flow had stopped to save the blood as the new rule of life her was your blood was your life. Zash had come up with some math problem for how much blood they had and how that related to the amount of years they had left. Zash had found about 300 years.
The sun blazed as they kept trucking threw the desert. Zash made up some random song and sang it as he walked Ded would supply lyrics when Zash was out of them. Then Zash turned to whistling which died quickly, word games were next Ded won them all. Zash went back to singing after that. When night fell they set up camp below a leveled piece of ground going straight up.Zash would sleep first Ded second after his watch. Zash loved when night fell he loved when he could sleep. Sleep was one of the few things that had not changed sleep was always there you just slept and dreams dreams were a god send for Zash. Those were his world now dreams of another.
Ded looked out towards the flat landscape. The desert was a cruel place he knew from living in it for months on end and he knew if you messed with the desert or gave it an opening it would swallow you whole. He looked at Zash and smiled a little. He was snuggled up with his katana hugging it like a teddy bear. He pulled the blade out to keep him save. Zash had become something of a little brother to Ded, he was impulsive, stupid and immature, but Ded was his superior and he kept Zash in check.
How much longer till we find them? Ded wondered they hadn’t seen them in weeks. He sighed not for the first time confused how about how long it would, with no landmarks or anything even close to something like a sears tower. The world was just flat and Ded walked it with Zash until they found a way out or just decided to camp and stay there forever.
Scitter scitter scitter.
Ded moved instantly dropping the katana by Zash’s side. He grabbed it breaking sleep immediately. “How many?” Zash heard the sound of cicadas.
“Not sure.” He grabbed the hilt of his katana and struck his stance in perfect balance. Zash struck his own personal stance he was leaning forward in a more offensive stance where Ded was in a fast quick kill stance Zash would go for a one big move kill, Ded would have many slashes. Zash saw the dark shapes moving like a mass of bugs they resembled giant beetles. Ded the big evolutional push had done wonders for Ded’s vision as he picked out each beetle. They were the size of lunch trays with long 1 foot horns ending in sharp points and little legs that somehow kept them up.
One beetle leaped at Zash, he moved under it and stabbed up going straight threw the bug he whipped at another bug who got stabbed in the eye by the first bug’s horn. Three lunged for Ded but in a fraction of a second Ded had knocked them into one another each horn stabbing another threw the eye.” Ded we can’t beat all of them!” Zash yelled as another leaped at Zash he slashed it in half.
Ded stared down the bugs none dared to challenge him.” We don’t have much choice!” Just as Ded yelled back a loud crack and a whoosh as the Earth was ripped apart a crack so wide it swallowed half the bugs up the half that survived flew awkwardly in the air but were shot down by the wave of force and fell with a splat.
Zash looked to the source of the help but could only see their out lines on the sun. He knew who they were thou it was obvious.
“Hey Zash, Hey Ded.” They said in unison.
“Hello Ripple and Jay.” The boys replied in unison also.

Chapter 2
Ripple rocked back on the balls of her heels and looked at all the wreckage around. Bug’s dead bodies lay splattered with a strange purple blood like stuff. Ripple looked Zash up and down his black hair was cut short, he wore navy blue yoga pants and a plain read tea, He stood a proud six foot two the tallest of the group, you could tell he had been walking for a long time his legs muscles were well toned and strong. She turned to Ded. He was second tallest at 6 foot, he wore a black wind breaker and a green shirt poked out from the bottom of it.
Zash’s eyes adjusted and he saw the girls clearly. Jay wore a checkered shirt with blue jeans , a bag at slung over her shoulder. Ripple was dressed in a Dark Knight hoodie and blue jeans also. Zash noticed he was the only one without blue jeans. But he didn’t care really and looked back at Ripple.” Hey Dark Knight where’s Penguin.” Zash asked.
Jay blinked the gold out of her eyes from the magic.” Don’t you mean Robin?” She asked.
“ I don’t know I never whatched the Dark knight.” Zash looked away as thou to show he no longer cared.
“ Oh come on you have to at least know his partner!” Jay pressed.
Zash started to fake sob and ran off to the corner of the up leveled ground.
“ always with the corner.” Ripple groaned and Ded and jay started laughing till Ripple joined and Zash walked back over.
“ So which way?” Zash asked.
“ North.” Jay moved north quickly before anyone disputed and Ripple followed. Zash and Ded looked at each other shrugged and brought up the rear.Ded and Zash were very quiet as they listen to the girls ramble. Zash heard something about Jesus crust, Ded didn’t understand anything he heard.
“ These things are so heavy!” Ripple complained as she walked along with Jay. She had super strenght yes but rough metal of her guantlets rubbing against your skin was annoying was annoying and they were metal and she did almost never take them off.
Jay jerked her thumb pointing it at Zash.” Have him carry it.”
“ Hey Zash!” Ripple yelled to him
“ Yeah?”
“ Carry these.” Ripple tossed the guantlets at Zash.
He caught them shrugged and fell behind Ded in step. He was at the very back of the group. He looked at Ripple’s gauntlets. They were a shiny metal, layered to make a kind of over lapping pattern. Zash put the gloves on and started to shadow box an imaginary opponent.
Jay looked back at Zash and pointed for Ripple to see. As Ripple saw she whispered something to jay and her eyes glowed a very faint gold.
Zash stepped back as the sand swirled and took the shape of a man as and when to punch Zash. He ducked under and gave him a spiked right hook to the face. The sand man blew apart and two others took his place. Zash punched them threw with holes and grined yeling back for the others to hear as he tried to copy Ripple’s voice.” I am awesome and invincible to your attacks sand men.”
Ripple slipped by Zash taking his sword she went and cut down a sand man or two for herself. “ And I am Zash fear my sword!”
“ Your not using it right.” Zash told ripple while cutting down sand men.
“ Shut it what would you know Ripple you don’t use a sword.” As she turned talking to Zash a sand man got a hit to her face and it’s hand blew apart before it connect and Ripple got sand all over her face and in her hair.
Zash laughed at Ripple and got a sand man punch to the face just like Ripple’s only..” It’s in my eyes!” Zash screeched he started to wipe the sand away when he relized he was using the back of the hand and the spikes almost made him a Zash - one brain. Ripple laughed at Zash but stopped as the sand churned.
Jay’s eyes turned a deeper gold and a more massive sand man immerged.
“ Now Ripple with your amazingness you can take this guy’s head off right?” Ripple looked to Zash.
“ and with your epicness you can take out the legs right Zash?” Zash replied back to Ripple.
They moved and Zash the new “ Ripple” ran up the arm and punched the head blowing half of it off. Ripple the new “ Zash” slashed his legs away from the sand and the real Zash threw down the guantlets as Ripple threw up the sword.
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ded's present so far
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