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 Nightshade's Home

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PostSubject: Nightshade's Home   Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:24 am

Nightshade flew in from the town square and landed on the tree branch outside her 'front door' -as you could call it. Though it was more of a veil of vines and leaves that were woven together to keep prying eyes away. If Nightshade had been skilled with woodwork then she would have made a proper door a long time ago, but she just hadnt had the time to find someone who could.
She walked through the ront entrance then ducked into another room. This was where she slept. There was a comfortable nest made of moss and straw, much like those you would find in a guild room. There was also a small wooden table with a tree stump for a chair. On it lay a small, blue, tear shaped pendant. She picked it up and hung it round her neck before darting out of the bedroom, into the small entrance area. She then hopped into the room she used as a sprt of 'hanging around' room. There wasnt much in here apart from a desk, another wooden table and a few, more comfortable seats.
Nightshade grabbed the apple that she had left on the desk then flew away again, planning to find some work somewhere so that she could earn some more poke.


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Nightshade's Home
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