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 Gail Description

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PostSubject: Gail Description   Sun Oct 16, 2011 5:01 pm

History-Gails are creatures that were made by who knows, the history is vauge. But there purpose is to create balance in the world. Magic is the exact oppisite of balance. So their main goal is to kill all magicians and wipe magic away from the earth.

Appearence- They are large, white(completely, eye color exception), animal like creatures. They stand about ten feet, and have brutal strengh. They have large claws and teeth able to penetrait bone. They could be compared to a bear, in general features, but are NOT bears.

Abbilities- Most cases Gails use brute force. They usually charge, relitivley fast, to where they'll slash and bite. They are much stronger then a man and could easily rip someone in half. On rare occasions, they will use magic. But it is not their primary source of weaponry.
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Gail Description
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