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 Jin Child of Nightmare The Vulpix

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PostSubject: Jin Child of Nightmare The Vulpix   Fri Oct 21, 2011 1:27 am

Pokedex Number:#037
Rank*:Team Leader[Team Nightmare]
Moves:-Flamethrower[level up]
-Hypnosis[egg move]
-Dark Pulse[TM]
History-Jin was an inhabitant of the forest for the longest time.She was very much a loner being orphaned at birth when a pack of Houndoom killed her parents.Having to raise herself without knowing right from wrong made her very self righteous and almost sadistic.

After a few months Jin went out hunting and a large group of Scyther ambushed her.This angered Jin and caused her to let off an Over heat which she had learned from finding a TM on one of her ventures around the forest.The fire from the attack spread and burned down the forest she called home.Exhausted from the power she had used Jin passed out among the raging flames.

When Jin came to she was in a small Pokemon village, laying atop a pile of what she thought was hay.Jumping down she was met by the stares of many confused pokemon after all Jin's eyes were coal black and she had a black piece of cloth tied around her leg.The cloth was nothing special just a memento of her family.Looking into the eyes of her saviors she knew as if by some magical force what they wanted and desperately needed her to do.Jin nodded in agreement and was to head to visit the guild master the next day.
Other:-She is over protective of her friends but wont hesitate to leave someone behind.
-She has a strong sense of justice and does not tolerate any kind of back talk of mischief.
-Jin is as i said slightly Sadistic and enjoy's watching things be tortured.

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PostSubject: Re: Jin Child of Nightmare The Vulpix   Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:51 pm

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Jin Child of Nightmare The Vulpix
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