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 Cody's Den

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PostSubject: Cody's Den   Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:22 pm


OUTSIDE: On the outskirts of Shadowhue forest is Cody's den. I is below one of the mose dark trees hidden by long blades of tall grass. On the outside it just looks like a normal vulpix den, a big hole dug into the ground with lots of earth piled up on one side. A small puddle of clear water lays near it.

INSIDE: A dark narrow tunnel leads into a large room underground. It has a warm feeling, a fire is lit in one of the corners and on the hard floor near the fire is a bed made out of grass and other sodt materials. A desk is at the side, on top is piles of paper that has been drawn on. There are a lot of candles around too! A small bookshelf is next to the desk with rows of books about places and poke'mon. There is also a board on the wall above the desk with lots of paper pinned to it with notes and pictures.

Name: Cody
Species: Zorua
Pokedex Number: 570
Gender: Male
Rank*: Outlaw
Ability**: Illusion
Level***: 40
Moves: Agility, faint attack, fury swipes, nasty plot
History: Allthough a wanted outlaw due to his thefts zorua doesn't ever be truly harsh or unfair, beeing a very adventurous, cunning and playfull pokemon he tends to play tricks and likes to trick other pokemon, loving his cleverness he cannot help to play a small trick. Unfortunately this also causes him to challenge pokemon which are way out of his league! Allthough he specialises in attack and speed he cannot take it very strong moves as his defense is rather low. He isn't evil just very naughty thats why he tends to win over most pokemons trust. He is adicted to stealing things, even if they are non valuable (however he does occasionly steal valuable stuff) He is quite a master at it due to his illusions.
Other: He wears a silk top hat! Smile

Just remember that his den is well hidden! Want to chat with Cody himself? 8D

Cody sat down next to the blazing fire reading a book. This wasn't any book though! It is a book about secrets and discoveries, cody wanted to know as much as he could about secrets and rumors! He wanted to find the perfect adventure!...That him, himself will conjure! The greatest treasures, this exited him a lot.

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Cody's Den
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