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 Nick the Uxie

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PostSubject: Nick the Uxie   Fri Nov 04, 2011 8:15 am

Name: Nick
Species: Uxie
Pokedex Number: 480
Gender: Genderless, refers to himself as male.
Rank: Defacto Leader of Team Sprite (Made up of himself and his siblings. They're open to other players if anyone wants to make one of them. Otherwise they'll be off taking care of their lakes.)
Ability: Levitate
Level: 36
Moves: Yawn, Confusion, Future Sight, Rest

History: A Knowledge Pokemon born from within the same egg as his siblings. Nick is incredibly intelligent but also quite on the shy side. He rarely says much, and has trouble getting to close to anyone but his siblings. Though he's much more cheerful and outgoing around them. While acting as Lake Guardians is their primary job, things have been rather peaceful in their homes as of late, and the trio thought it would be a good idea to instead form a team and help pokemon in other areas.

Team Sprite is a bit unique in that it has no official hierarchy, being between three siblings. It's run somewhat akin to a traditional pirate crew. In battle Nick is the Defacto leader, and makes the strategies and tactics. Given that his IQ would frighten an Alakazham, this is not an irrational choice. However otherwise the team takes a vote on all major decisions. Fortunately, as they are a trio, they don't have to worry about any draws. Though things can be more complex when they work with other teams. In this case, Nick will usually let one of his siblings act as their spokesman, as he's usually shy about interacting with the other pokemon.

While relatively high level for his rank, Nick is not an accomplished fighter, and is on the weak side. He also becomes fatigued quite easily, and if not for his levitation would not be able to travel very far without resting. Likewise he's not very good at dealing damage or taking a punch. As a result, his style is based around preventing this from happening. Using his status attacks to keep the opponents locked-down while his teammates do the real damage.

Nick and his siblings traveled on their own for some time, helping out in many towns and regions, before finally coming upon the guild. As they'd had to effectively look for trouble on their own, finding a place where it came to them was absolutely perfect. As a result, they immediately signed on. However shortly after they did, Nick's siblings had to leave to protect their lakes from a small scale threat. Nothing major has happened to the lakes since, but as a result one or more of the sprites are prone to vanishing from the guild for other matters at random.

Other: Stormageddon... peasants.
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PostSubject: Re: Nick the Uxie   Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:26 pm

Unfotunately you cant roleplay any of the legendary pokemon. Sorry.


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Nick the Uxie
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