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 Kaori Aokakesu

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PostSubject: Kaori Aokakesu   Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:15 am

Kaori Aokakesu
13 - Born 15th December

Physical Description
Link (Oh the laziness ;D)

Kaori Aokakesu's parents are from the Hoenn region, but moved to Accumula Town in Unova two years before Kaori was born.
As a young girl, Kaori was always picked on by the other children in the town because she wore glasses. She never understood why they did it, but nevertheless, she always ignored them. Because she ignored them, she only ever had one close friend. Her name was Takara, but when Kaori was 7, Takara's mother caught a fatal illness and after her death, Takara was sent to live with her father in the Kanto region.
Once again alone in the world, Kaori began to see things with an open mind. She quickly began to appreciate the wonders of nature and silently harbored a desire to find out more about the many pokemon she would see daily.
Finally, on Kaori's tenth birthday, her parents gifted her with a young Trapinch to raise as her own. Kaori, obviously, was delighted and nicknamed the Trapinch Dusty.
In the next year and a half that followed, Kaori spent most of her time in and around Accumula Town, helping out where she could and gradually learning more and more about trainers and life on the road. It wasn't until she was twelve that she dared to actually travel to another town. (Kaori is one of those people who likes traveling, but still finds it kinda hard to part with the home they've become so fond of. xD) Since then though, Kaori began to make multiple trips to Nuvema Town to visit Professor Juniper, and sometimes she would even take a trip to Striaton City with Dusty to the the sights of the city.
Kaori is now thirteen and Dusty has not long evolved into a Vibrava. After mulling it over for a few nights, Kaori has decided that it's finally time to leave the comfort of her home and travel the world, starting with Unova of course. ;D

Kaori carries with her, a camera, a couple of sketchpads and a pencil case. Because she loves to sketch and draw all the pokemon she meets. (She has drawn several pictures of Dusty as well as wild pokemon such as Lillipup, Pidove ect.)

Vibrava - Pokedex No. 329
Faint Attack

Purrloin - Pokedex No. 509
Fake Tears(Egg)

Possible Pokemon; Pidove, Emolga/Blitzle, Panpour/Pansage/Pansear, Sewaddle, Venipede, Sandile


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Kaori Aokakesu
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