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 Crying At the 24/7 Store

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PostSubject: Crying At the 24/7 Store   Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:23 am

First topic message reminder :

The store was all quiet. The dimly lit doors with various cold drinks and refrigerated foods lay untouched as a skinny looking teenager in poorly taken care of clothing jammed out to Metal Music as he swept the last spot on the floor. He set the broom against the wall in it's proper hook as he started headbanging and rocking out to the music before going to put the dustpan away. As he took off his headset the broom fell off it's hook. He jumped a little at the sound, but assumed he hadn't placed it on the hook quite right. It fell off yet again as he picked it up and placed it back on the hook. Once he tried to pick it up again he felt a strong force shove him to the ground. He scrambled into a crawling position and then onto his feet as he shouted out in surprise at once had just happened. Stumbling away he tried calling for the manager, an old lady who appeared grouchily saying "What, what what!" over and over again. He tried explaining it to the old woman, but she disregarded what he said as he poured out words tripping over many of them in the process. The manager went back to her office and sat down at her desk mumbling something about children being too hyped up on drugs and flipped through her paperwork. Paperwork she had just set in a pile scattered across the room as if someone had violently hit it with their hand at that moment. She shouted in surprise and backed up against the back of her chair, she screamed for the Lord himself to save her as papers swirled around her. The teen who had been cleaning before heard her scream and ran into the room, only to find her still from having had a heart attack.

Milly's eyes lingered as she found herself staring at the alcohol in the 24/7 store. Being open all day she found herself in there just to be around the occasional person. The people around her sometimes appeared hazy, she had never noticed that it was only specific people, other people who were dead or a demon until she saw a family person who had passed away long ago. They weren't malicious like the others she had met, and explained what had happened to her exactly. Unable to pass on, she found herself lost in the world of the restless spirits of this town. She had to run from the spirits around her at times, and even from darker beings known as demons. Thankfully she had a spirit gun that could stun them for a few moments to escape.

Her head snapped up at the sound of screaming. There was a reason she came here besides the fact it was always open. Her grandmother was the manager and she heard the familiar woman's scream from her Manager's Room. She dashed for the room, only to find a dark figure standing next to her as the boy shook her in a weak attempt to revive her. The figure was a malicious looking woman with a twisted smile. There was a knife in her left hand and she had nappy blonde locks with completely dark eyes. "Another spirit, here!?" Milly thought as she saw the dark spirit laughing at the old woman and the boy.

"Get lost!" Milly shouted at the spirit. The fact she had done this to her own grandmother put a rage inside her she could not quite control. The woman turned towards her and approached her without touching the ground once. She moved quickly and Milly was face to face with her before she could even blink. The hot aura that came from the mysterious woman cause her to instinctively pull out her spirit gun. The woman cackled and vanished through the wall before she could shoot and she shot a bullet at the wall making a cracking sound. The boy jumped and dialed for the police with a shaking voice explaining all the details of what had just happened. Milly watched sadly at the still figure of her grandmother laying back in her chair with a shocked expression stuck on her face. Her hands hung at her side. She'd seen the darker spirits but had never seen one actually frighten someone to death.

The distant sound of Police sirens became closer and closer as they approached to take the old woman away on a stretcher. The news was very hush-hush about the topic, only stating she had a heart attack, but rumors spread from the story of the teenager who was working there and rumors of the sound of a young woman who could be heard crying in the store ever few nights.

Milly rubbed her eyes as she stared at the white light coming from the section with the chilled drinks. The buzzing sound of the glowing wire words spelling out 'beverages' above could sink into anyone's head eventually and was becoming a nuisance. She sighed and wiped the few remaining tears away. She had been mourning her grandmother's death for a while now, feeling like she could have been there. Milly still had regrets from her death. She now resented alcohol, but even more she resented the dark spirits lurking about town. She could see the foggy figures wandering down roads, into buildings, and through rooms and hallways. She hated them, seeing they needed to be wiped out. There has to be a way. At least let me find the woman who killed my grandmother!

The door creaked open as a flashlight shone through the small store. It had been closed down early now because of the mysterious crying people had been hearing. It's probably those stupid teenagers again. Thinking they can talk to me or find some ghost here. I'm not here to talk to them! She clenched her fists and wondered if she should chase them away, but remained hidden as she debated on completely showing herself instead of phasing out of their vision.
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PostSubject: Re: Crying At the 24/7 Store   Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:16 pm

Alison's ears went to alert mode, "No I can't see it feel as though I have lost my eyesight. Kid get Kyle out of here try to stop the bleeding. I'll deal with the missing link." she growled letting loose a menicing snarl.

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PostSubject: Re: Crying At the 24/7 Store   Sat Feb 25, 2012 2:36 am

"Ughnnn I think I can still fight I just need to..." Kyle's voice trailed off as he stumbled a little. "Oh shit ya don't listen to me. Alison's plan is better." He groaned as he fell to the floor.
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PostSubject: Re: Crying At the 24/7 Store   

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Crying At the 24/7 Store
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