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 Shadows of a Hell hound

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PostSubject: Shadows of a Hell hound    Tue Jan 10, 2012 10:09 pm

First topic message reminder :

The night in the town wore on, most of its inhabitants unaware of the two figures creeping up to the rusty gate of an old graveyard. The moon was a sliver in the sky, barely impressive compared to the full version of itself. The figures bobbed up and down as they moved, low to the ground, as if trying to avoid giving themselves away. Finally, they reached the large gate in front of them. It was rusty, worn, and flaking off pieces of some material. One of the figures tried tugging on it to open it only to hear chains rattle. A light clicked on to shine on chains wrapped around the midsection of the gate secured by an old fashioned lock.

"It's locked!" A young, male voice hissed.

"Oh come on Kenny! Can't ya pick it or something? Figure it out!" Another voice whispered. Though this time it was female.

Kenny pulled something out of his pocket. In the darkness, the girl couldn't tell what it was. "Alicia, gimme your hair pin." He said while fiddling with the lock. The light finally revealed the appearance of Kenny. A young boy with short and messy brown hair, freckles, and a skinny build.

Alicia shook her head, even if he couldn't see it while facing away from her. "No way! You've already used up like fifty of mine!" She said and held her head with her hand. "Besides, you gotta have at least one of mine anywho!"

"I didn't use fifty, I only used like twenty. Now gimme one so I can get us in!" Kenny argued and gave up on the lock with the tool he was using, which happened to be a twisted up hair pin that had previously been used.

Alicia sighed. "Can't we just climb up like we usually do?"

"In the dark? No way! What if we get stuck in there for the rest of our lives? We'd be dead! Like all the other folk in there! Dead, dead, dead!"

She shivered at his comment. "Okay, okay! Here! Let's go on and get this over with..." She said and handed him a brand new hair pin.

He grinned and turned back to fiddle with the lock. After a few moments there was a click as it popped open. "See what we can do when we work together? That's some teamwork right there! I did all the work though." Kenny said with a cocky expression. Before Alicia could even open her mouth he walked into the misty graveyard. "Come on! Let's go!"

She followed after, unsure of their previous goal of exploring the graveyard on a dare. "Kenny ya know.. This is kind of stupid. Maybe we should just go home... There ain't anything here. Nothing." Alicia said and let out a shout as she tripped over a gravestone. It was a block, unlike the upright ones, this one was buried into the ground more. The flashlight flew out of her hands and rolled across the grass flickering on and off for a few moments.

"Don't be a pansy!" Kenny said. "Come on and get up! They said there's supposed to be a monster here! We gotta find it!" He walked around a gravestone, only to find a hole in front of it. "Woah, lookit this! Someone's been digging here! It don't look like a shovel though. Looks like when my dog Rex used to dig holes in the back yard. Dad would get so mad. Come on and see this Alicia!"

Alicia stumbled to her feet. She glanced around for the flashlight. It was easy to find considering it had stayed on the whole time, and she quickly ran for it after Kenny called for her. "I'm comin', hold your horses okay?" Alicia stumbled yet again. The gravestones were hard to notice in the dark. She scrambled over and picked up the flashlight. She turned it over to shine it in Kenny's face, who scowled at her.

"Why you gotta shine that thing in my face for? Come on and see this already!"

"It ain't like it's gonna disappear Kenny. I'm comin'!" Alicia replied as she made her way over to him. "How the heck do you see that anyways? I can't see a thing without the flashlight."

"That's cause you're a girl. Guys got better vision don't you know?" Kenny said with a matter-of-fact voice.

"Liar! Guys ain't no better than girls! And I can prove it! Here watch!" Alicia took the flashlight and tied the wristband around the branches of a low bush used to decorate the graveyard. She pointed it at a small mausoleum facing towards them and crouched down. "I don't need no flashlight, you see?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Kenny replied while poking the ground. "Whatcha think was digging here anyways? A dog? You think it wants all the bones in the graveyard? There's probably lotsa bones here, and earthworms." He said while picking up a piece of earth that had been tossed to the side.

A low growling seemed to answer his question from further away. Alicia sucked in her breath. "Uh.. Wha... What was that? Your heard that too right Kenny? It ain't that dog is it? Or the monster?" She said with a shaky voice. The growling seemed to get louder, as if approaching them.

Kenny was shaking himself. He tugged on her arm and pointed to where the flashlight was showing on the mausoleum wall. Thankfully, the flashlight was a strong enough light that from it's position it hit the wall and light spread along the graveyard in front of it. "Look, look!" He hissed under his breath.

A dark, canine-like figure was prowling along the wall. It's body heaving heavily as if it was out of breath. The shadow oddly enough, seemed hazy, as if it wasn't completely solid. It turned and weaved between the solid blocks of the gravestones. Alicia stood up and turned tail to run, Kenny following right after her, and both of them screaming. They ran through the gates, down the hill, and as far as they could get from the graveyard. Finally out of breath, they stopped.

"Kenny we gotta tell someone!" Alicia said while gasping for breath.

"No way! We'll get in trouble! You crazy or something?"

"If we don't what if that monster goes into the town? What if it eats people? Then they'll be dead! Don'tcha know monsters EAT people? Kenny?" Alicia said while standing up straight. She had been doubled over, trying to catch her breath.

"Alright alright! Let's ask those bookstore people, they look pretty smart." Kenny finally said, giving into her demands.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadows of a Hell hound    Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:32 am

Samiel let out a malitios bark, "Stay away from this place!". His fur on end, she shadow hound was baring his white fangs ready to protect the Holy grounds.

Alison looked at the Hound unfazed. She was used to agressive creatures but this one seemed different to her. For her it was almost like it was protecting the Graveyard. "Did you two kids do anything here before coming to get us?" she asked the two teens.

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PostSubject: Re: Shadows of a Hell hound    Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:00 am

Kenny and Alicia both let out a no. "I didn't do anythin' and Kenny didn't do anythin'..." Alicia said while distracting her self by playing with her thumbs. She wasn't doing it out of guilt or nervousness, she just had the attention span of a kid. Alicia looked around while Kenny stared at the graveyard after hearing the noise.

"Hey, hey! What was that noise!?" Kenny said. He had heard the bark and warnings of the dog. He stood closer to Alicia who shoved him away, commenting on something about being a man.

Blanche smirked at the antics of the children. They were certainly an amusing pair to the succubus. "Why would you bring the children back with you? That dog doesn't seem too... Happy about them being back anyways." She remarked. The "monster" was growling warnings. He obviously wasn't pleased. "I just came to make sure it wasn't something that was actually violent. But who knew there would be such a rare sight here in this town of all places." Blanche said and crossed her arms.
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PostSubject: Re: Shadows of a Hell hound    

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Shadows of a Hell hound
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