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 The Headless Horseman of Rosutosouruzu

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PostSubject: The Headless Horseman of Rosutosouruzu   Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:26 am

The evening air was calm and cool, as the autumn leaves blew with the wind in a swirling dance. The leaves would then crash against a red Ford Focus's wind shield as the car speeded down the street, disregarding the fellow people sharing the same concrete passageway. The driver was a man in his middle ages, his eyes wide and his breathing quick as he constantly looked into his rear view mirror. Every time he looked, there it was, a ghastly figure riding on horse back, tailing the man every mile of the way.

A wispy black smoke seemed to billow from the horse's mouth, the smog the exact same shade of darkness as the knight's bony, almost organic looking armor. The middle aged man screamed in frustration and terror, tearing his vision away from his pursuer, only to cry out as he crashed into the back end of the car ahead of him. The two cars screeched forward, the front of the Ford Focus billowing with smoke as the engine was totalled by the collision. The middle aged man was dazed upon impact with his air bag, and could only groan in pain before his car door opened and he was pulled from the vehicle.

The man stared up at the knight who had been pursuing him, and screamed as he realized that the knight had no head, but his scream was swiftly silenced by the knight's ebony blade.


Thomas had read the eye witness reports on the incident numerous times, and, as usual, the only people who had seen the knight had been Outcasts, and the reports did not provide very many details. This had been the knight's fifth victim in the span of two months, with seemingly no relation to any of the victims, aside from the fact that the incidents all seemed to occur within the town of Rosutosouruzu No Taun, a town that the priest was very familiar with.

He sighed, setting down his papers on the cheap, outdoor restaurant table as he took a sip of his coffee. It was as bland and bitter as it always was, but it was still better than nothing. He had contacted that bookshop owner earlier that day, requesting any information she had on headless entities, and had made sure to tell her that she would be paid handsomely for helping him locate the supernatural knight. He had also told her to bring the materials to this particular restaurant, but she had yet to arrive...

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The Headless Horseman of Rosutosouruzu
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