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 Mucking About In the Forest

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PostSubject: Mucking About In the Forest   Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:24 am

After aimlessly digging his way out of the guild, and having no real destination in mind, Klaus hauled himself out of the ground. "Well that was easy, especially considering everything that could have gone wrong." He muttered to himself, dusting himself off and looking around Shadowhue Forest. Looking around him, Klaus noticed a mildly worn path heading off in a part of the forest that appeared to be a lot darker and thicker. I wonder where this leads off too..., his thoughts trailed off as he took a couple of steps down the path before stopping abruptly, a peculiar grin spreading across his face as a new thought entered his head, though in his line of work it should have been the first. I wonder what kind of loot I could find here! With that in mind, Klaus began strutting down the path, completely undeterred by the fact that there could any number of Pokemon hiding in this forest.
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Mucking About In the Forest
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