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 Wizdum the Mudkip

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PostSubject: Wizdum the Mudkip   Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:21 am

Name: Wizdum

Species: Mudkip

Pokedex Number: #259

Gender: Male

Rank: Guild Member (No team/partner yet)

Ability: Torrent

Level: 6

- Tackle
- Growl
- Mudslap
- Whirpool ( Egg Move )

History: Wizdum grew up with 3 siblings, And both of his parents for 12 years ( In Human ). He was the second eldest, The eldest child of the family being his older brother, Norik. His two younger sister's names we're Favin ( Fah - Vehn) and Cirin. As he grew older, The longing for adventure filled all his spare time. He would explore every part where he lived, To find the secrets it held. He drew maps of every inch of his swamp, And become skilled at it too. But, His swamp bored him after time. He needed new scenery, Unseen lands, Vast treasure. Wizdum prepared for this journey of a lifetime, Sharpened his skills with his brother and father. When he became of age to leave, He said his goodbyes and left. His destination, Grassveil Guild.

Other: Wizdum enjoys sweet or bitter food, Watmels the most
Wizdum has always enjoyed maps. Either writing or reading them.
He hates deserts, Volcanoes, Generally hot places
Has a fear of the dark

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PostSubject: Re: Wizdum the Mudkip   Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:36 pm

Approved. I'll just remind you that before you can take missions from the Bulletin Boards and shizz you'll have to create a topic for your signing up at the guild.
If you need anymore information or anything feel free to PM me or Ripple, the other admin on this site :3

Also, Ripple roleplays Keyami, the Guildmaster and I rp Echo, the Guildmaster's Apprentice, so just ask us to post in your topic when you decide you wish to sign up at the guild.

Anyway! Thankyou for joining the site! I hope you enjoy your time here Very Happy


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Wizdum the Mudkip
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