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 Ponyo the Trubbish

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PostSubject: Ponyo the Trubbish   Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:56 am

Name: Ponyo
Species: Trubbish
Pokedex Number: 568
Gender: Female
Rank*: Normal Pokemon
Ability**: Aftermath
Level***: 28
Moves: Toxic, Venoshock, Attract, and Double Slap
History: Being a Trubbish, Ponyo was constantly teased and made fun of. Gradually, even her moveset was affected by this, causing Double Slap to come up as self defense and Attract to get people to quit making fun of her. One day when she saw the Oswald Fan Club she saw that she was not judged. And since this nice pokemon viewed Oswald as some sort of idol, she decided that he must indeed be an amazing pokemon and from thus onward she has been a part of the fan club.
Other: Has an everstone. Somewhere. XD Shes very sensitive as well.

Stormageddon and all that

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Ponyo the Trubbish
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