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 Shadowhue Forest - Info Topic

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PostSubject: Shadowhue Forest - Info Topic   Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:30 pm

Murkrow (Rare)
Seedot (Very Common)
Nuzleaf (Common)
Ferroseed (Uncommon)
Sewaddle and Swadloon(Common)
Roselia (Rare)
Cacnea and Cacturne(Common)
Poocheyena (Very Common)
Taillow and Swellow(Uncommon)

Pecha Scarf (Uncommon)
Defence Scarf (Fairly Common)
Oran Berry (Uncommon)
Apple (Common)
Big Apple (Rare)
Blast Seed (Common)
Sleep Seed (Uncommon)
Reviver Seed (Rare)
Unusual Box (Rare)
Cheri Berry (Common)
Sitrus Berry (Uncommon)
Black Gummi (Common)
Cacnea Spike (Ridiculously Common)
Poke (Uncommon)
TM False Swipe (Rare)


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Shadowhue Forest - Info Topic
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