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PostSubject: Zu-Ditto-Outlaw   Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:38 am

Name: Zu
Species: Ditto
Pokedex Number: 132
Gender: Er... I suppose it's kinda like a male xD Althought it's an...it.
Rank*: Outlaw
Ability**: Limber
Level***: 38
Moves: Transform
History: As a young Ditto, Zu found that he could use his transforming to his advantage. This led him down the road of being an outlaw, as he realized that he could get out of any situation by simply changing his shape.
Other: The only difference shown between Zu and all other pokemon he transforms into is a Joy Ribbon. He wears this constantly, no matter how awkward it looks on the pokemon he is at that point in time.


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