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 Elysia's Pokemon Team and Inventory

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PostSubject: Elysia's Pokemon Team and Inventory   Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:29 pm

-Pokemon On Hand-
Level 15
Female Eevee - Pokedex #133
Ability; Adaptability
Moveset; Tackle, Sand-attack, Synchronoise[Egg Move], Helping Hand

Level 17
Male Pidgey - Pokedex #016
Ability; Keen Eye
Moveset; Tackle, Whirlwind, Air Cutter[Egg Move], Gust

Female Caterpie


Trainer Related
1x Pokedex - White in colour
4x Poke Ball
1x Lum Berry
20x Oran Berry

Personal Items
1x Umbrella - Pale blue with flowered patterns
1x Sleeping Bag - Deep blue, gets paler blue as you go down. Matching pillow
2x Small Bowls - previously belonging to her mom's Ponyta and dad's Doduo.


PC Storage


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Elysia's Pokemon Team and Inventory
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