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 Alec The Charmander

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PostSubject: Alec The Charmander   Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:22 am

Hello here's my character, hope you like it.

Name: Alec

Species: Charmander (Lizard Pokémon)

Pokedex Number: #004

Height: 2'40"

Weight: 19.7 lbs.

Gender: Male


Rank: Guild member (Team Renegade.)

Ability: Blaze

Level: 25

Moves: Scratch, Ember, Dragon Rage, and Fire Fang

Stats: HP 90
SP. ATK 70
SP. DEF 80

History: Alec was hatched into a usual type of family. He although was different. His flame was not red but blue, this showed his flame was hotter than any other charmander. His family did jobs for money to get food. They would do jobs some easy and others were battling other people. Alec never liked his parents away as much as they were. But what could he do? He was just a small child. Even though he didn't like what they did, they did it for him to make sure he grew up as normal as possible. Little did they know everything was about to change. 

Ten years passed and something terrible happened. One day when his parents went out to get some money they encountered a strong pokemon. they never came back. Alec was forced to live with his godfather. Which was a water type pokemon who was a Squirtle. His godfather treated him badly considering he was a fire type. If Alec did something wrong he would get blasted by bubbles and watergun. 

He was twelve now and he decided he was finally going to run away. He had trained himself to get stronger to face the pokemon who killed his parents. That day without warning he walked out of his godfathers house and never turned back. The events that laid ahead of him would make him wish he had stayed behind with his abusive godfather. But he didn't he move on towards the cove where the pokemon who killed his parents was hiding. He was going to end this. 

He made his way down the cove. He fought plenty of crazed pokemon and some hired by the killer. He was getting tired and weak with every step. Luckily he found a small room where there were no enemies. He took this time to rest. He knew the next room would be the killer. He finally face the pokemon who ruined his life and he would have his revenge. He then stood up and moved into the next room.

He was surprised when he entered the room to see that the killer was a Charmeleon it was in the back surrounded by fire. It was different somehow. Alec couldn't out his finger on it but the killer seemed familiar. The killer faced Alec and asked why he was there. Alec responded by saying to get justice. And with that Alec jumped toward the killer.

Alec kept fighting. The Charmeleon wasn't even tired of fighting. He unleashed a devastating move to Alec. The move created flames and smoke to Alec. The killer then jumped through the smoke and used dragon claw on Alec. He almost dodged it but wasn't fast enough. Two of the claws went down Alec's face making two giant gashes starting at his forehead and ending at his chin and mouth. 

Alec was about to loose the fight. The killer jumped for the final kill but was interrupted by small blue embers hitting him. It wouldn't have hurt him too much if it wasn't for the fact that his flame was hot. The killer fell on his back as Alec approached. The flames had hit the killers eyes making him blind. Alec brought up his hand to end it but hesitated. As much as he hated the pokemon he couldn't do it. Alec then turned from the cave and left the blind killer on the floor. 

Alec moved to a nearby town and found himself in his parents line of work. Luckily he loved to fight now. Anything was a challenge. He was the biggest money earner for his guild. That's where he lived. And everyone treated him as family. 


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PostSubject: Re: Alec The Charmander   Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:39 pm

Looks really good. You stil have "man" in a few places. Otherwise approved.

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Alec The Charmander
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